Petoskey State Park

Petoskey State Park, located on the north end of Lake Michigan's Little Traverse Bay, is made up of over 300 acres of mostly publicly accessible land. The park is known for its beautiful sandy beach, which extends for a mile along Lake Michigan. Petoskey State Park also two modern campgrounds and numerous scenic trails. It even has a metal detecting area.

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Petoskey State Park has two primary trails. Both trails are relatively easy hikes that the whole family can enjoy.

Old Baldy Trail is around a half-mile long. It leads up Old Baldy, a stable sand dune that is one of the parks most popular attractions. Views from the top of the trail are stunning. It'll be easy to see why the beach along Petoskey State Park is famous for its million-dollar sunsets. Old Baldy Trail includes a stairway, so keep that in mind, if you plan on hiking it.

The other primary trail is Portage Trail. This 2.5 mile trail actually has two different routes: one easy, and one hard. Portage Trail covers a variety of terrain, with diverse wildlife and plant species. Along the way, you have view of Little Traverse Bay and open-dune areas. The trail has some elevation gain and includes a walk along a ridge. It's considered family friendly since most of the terrain is relatively easy to navigate. In the winter, Portage Trail is open for cross-country skiing.

Other Activities

Besides hiking, Petoskey State Park is a great location for a variety of other activities.

The park has a paved path for bicycling. The path actually runs through Petoskey State Park, and connects Petoskey to Harbor Springs. If you don't have a bike, you can rent one at the park.

Petoskey State Park is also a great place of picnicking or simply relaxing. It has a beautiful day use area that is equipped with picnic tables, grills, and a sunbathing area along the beach.

One of the more unusual, and popular, activities at the park is searching for Petoskey stones. The Petoskey stone is Michigan's official state stone. It's unusual in that it is a combination of rock and fossil, formed from glaciation. Many of the stones have a distinct mottled coral pattern that's easy to spot when a stone is wet.