The Terrace Inn is a unique destination for a variety of events. Lodging your group in one building and enjoying meals here enhances the feelings of belonging and connection.  Weddings, Conferences, Clubs, and groups of various interested have rented the entire Inn.  Breakfast is complimentary every day with room rental.  Renting the entire Inn includes Dinner both nights and lunch can be included as well.

The Inn does not allow outside catering, with the exception of wedding cakes or desserts.

Wedding Couple on the Terrace

Wedding Venue

We would love to host your weddings or special events. We offer amazing three-course dinner at a budget-friendly price with additional tax and gratuity, affordable facility fee to ensure you have private use of our dining room for $1,500 to $3,000.00. Belinda, our manager, will coordinate with you about the events. From simple ceremonies to rehearsal dinners to full receptions, we can create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Haunted History

Terrace Inn is known to have a haunted history. According to rumor, two workers died when a beam fell on them during construction work. Ghosts have been seen, heard, and felt by several guests and employees. Many paranormal investigations have taken place here while the psychics, sensitives, and others with extrasensory abilities have filled in the missing pieces of the spirits inhabiting the inn. We do not want you to worry as no strong references for the paranormal presence, or other negative experiences have been observed.