The 1911 Restaurant at the Terrace Inn is a casual fine dining experience.
Located inside the hotel,  a wonderful menu is created by Chef Jordan seasonally.  
Dining is open to the public Thursday through Saturday first two weeks of September.
After that, we plan to be open Wednesday through Saturday through October. (Reservations please)
Happy Hour is 4 to 5:30 p.m. &  Dinner 5 to 9:00 p.m. Allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours to prepare and enjoy your meal!
View Summer Dinner Menu 1911       Reservation inquiries here
 Text 231-330-1228 Mo Rave/Proprietor 

Our Terrace overlooks Fair View park and faces West towards Little Traverse Bay. 
This affords a romantic setting for couples celebrating a special occasion or just enjoying a memorable experience!

Groups are limited to eight on the terrace for a maximum two hour time frame.  (one bill will be presented)
The elegant, chandelier clad dining room has beautiful views, is air conditioned and spacious and suitable for couples.
Dining is open year round in the dining room and in winter propane heaters are added to the terrace. 
Groups over 12 require advanced notice and pre order are required.  A credit card is required to hold group reservations. 

Chef Jordan and his team aim to delight the palate and eye of every guest!  
Entirely prepared and presented on site-from scratch, salads are sourced from Cove you Scenic Farms, Bear Creek Organic Farms and Bills Farm Market.   Desserts use fine Belgium chocolate.  Murdick's supplies our Vanilla ice cream for our brownie sundaes.  Fustini's oil and vinegar is provided for our herbed bread and butter.
We recommend Maple Moon's Blueberry Dessert Wine after dinner! 
Wine pairing suggestions upon request!  Vegetarian options and gluten free on request.

1911 Restaurant

The 1911 Restaurant at the Terrace Is a casual fine dining restaurant located within the hotel. Known for fresh planked whitefish throughout Michigan and beyond, the menu varies season to season. Chef Jordan and his team aim to delight the palate and eye of every guest! Through the summer the restaurant is open every night. Sunday and Monday's nights are Pizza Nights. Our pizza is gourmet, handcrafted, and the finest freshest ingredients are used. The terrace is reserved for adults only for a relaxing, romantic atmosphere. Tuesday through Saturday features our prix fixe menu and ala carte option. Our menu is a take on the classics with a European flair. Seafood, steak, pork chops, homemade pasta, vegetarian dishes, and more are cooked to order so plan for a leisurely experience. Soups, salads, and desserts are freshly made and beautifully garnished. 
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Restaurant for every taste and special events!

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